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  • MOOSEoh yes Amico was the first place we looked. He doesn't roam. I think someone picked him up. June 3 at 7:02pm


Hello everyone, I have some sad news, Moose was brought to us today. It was not good he is gone. I am going to tell the story and you can figure out for yourself if it is the truth. All I know is he is home....not the way I wanted it. ...but he is home. I got a call from a girl around 3:45 and she says she has my dog..thought it was a prank again. She says she is on my street and I question her, she says she is at Frederick and Stewart..at friendship Park..I question her you are at the stewart ave. Park? yes ok I'll be right there. Jess and I pull up and the person that gets out is the person we suspected from the beginning. Now mind you thats were she lives. the night he went missing she was on her porch with her two dogs and one was a lab and we kept calling him thinking it was MOOSE...she doesnt remember us and she was standing right there. it wasn't him but she has a dog business and we knew he wasn't seen past that house. I actually visited her and had a long talk 2 weeks ago about that night and she didn't remember. So when she opened the back of her car hatch I saw his hair-his shape-his color and I knew it was him...he looked like he just was asleep. Laying down asleep. the story is she was jogging over by the American Legion building on Legion Dr. in Riverside and she found him under their tank. Dead. Now Rex rides his bike everyday past that corner, yesterday I was at that corner visiting business''s asking them to put the flier by their timeclocks. He did not die under the tank, he was not outside at all. That is only 2 blocks from my house, he would have came home. How do you jog..find a dead dog..go home change into jeans and work shoes go back get the dog, put him in your car and call me. And you were not sweating at all,,hair all down. He did not have a collar on for awhile, his nails were not worn down, his pads were not worn as if he was walking. We took him to the Mt Laurel Animal Hosp to be checked out and the suspicion is he was left in the car in the heat. He just went to sleep. They figure it was less than a week he had passed and he was not kept outside. His ears were soft and I got to say I was sorry for not finding him, for not protecting him from bad people. You would think if you were going to take a beautiful dog like MOOSE you would take care of him. At least thats what I thought, what I tried to believe in my heart. In my heart I think she had something to do with his death......He is now burried in the yard with Spike our black lab and Milo our chocolate lab that both lived to the ripe old age of 13. RIP Love you always and I am so sorry.