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hey everyone, I have an update to MOOSE"S case. I received a packet from the Victims Witness Unit. It is set up to help victims of a crime. I had to submit a form and it asked if I wanted to give a Victim Impact Statement. I told them I could write a book. I also said some people wanted to write letters to the court also and they said that would be fine. So this is the beginning...I would li...ke everyone that wanted to help to write a letter to the Assistant Prosecutor Kendal Champion, Office of the Prosecutor, County of Burl. 49 Rancocas Rd. Mt. Holly NJ 08060-0000. Reference Prosecutor File #12-002582. Please ask that these charges not be reduced. Plead with them to look at the way she lied and intentionally hid Moose from us. Basically tell what is in your heart and how this has changed you. How you searched for him. Please try to send it off in the next week the case is in the "Case review stage" and they need to hear from us. Thank you for your help. Love Sissy

Hello everyone, I received notice that there is going to be a Pre-Trial Conference on Oct. 2nd at 9:00 in Mt. Holly. It is open to everyone that wants to go. This is where they discuss the charges and set a date for sentencing if needed. I talked to the courts today and they asked that if alot of people were going to attend to just let them know ahead of time...kind of a heads up. Also the time and date could change due to tight scheduling so I will keep posting if there is any change. This could be it. thanks for your support. The Workmans
the court date is set for Oct. 2nd at 9:00 in Mt. Holly. It is with Judge Hermann. I called the courts on Friday and it is still on for Tuesday. Hope you can make it! I have to call again on Monday to check again just in case court runs long on Monday or it gets postponed for some reason. If you plan on going that would be great just check your email Monday night. I have been told it is in front of Judge Herman and he has been called out of retirement and does not have his own courtroom. When you arrive go to the 2nd floor and ask what room he is in. We are getting there around 8:45. They also said court is at 9, but once the Judge gets there at 9 he takes a 45 min recess...I guess to check out the days agenda. Ok hope everyone has a great weekend with this weather. Thanks for your support. Sissy
State of NJ vs Jackie Lockard. This could be the first and the last proceeding. We need your support. I hope everyone can make it. We need to show the courts Animal Abuse is not acceptable. We need to show Ms. Lockard what she did was despicable, inhumane and she needs to pay for what she did. Moose was more than personal property.
"Hello, everything is still on for Tuesday at 9:00, it is in the 7 story-new building. Go to the 2nd floor and they will help you find the courtroom Judge Herman is in. Hope something good comes our way..and for Moose. Thanks for your support."


Hello, well as you know we went to the Pre Trial Conference today for the case against Ms. Lockard. I want to thank everyone who took the time to go today it meant alot to us. Up until today Ms. Lockard hadn't applied for PTI, so we didn't know what to expect today.. First off she was late. Cheri Mosca, Rex, Jessica and myself were called into a small sidebar room with the Victim-Witness Advocate and the Prosecutor. They explained what will and won't happen..she won't get jail time...we basically knew that. She has the right to apply for PTI but that doesn't mean she will get it. But because she has no record she can apply. While we were in the room an application was made to get PTI. That is where we are at. WE HAVE TO FIGHT TO GET HER APPLICATION DENIED!!!! And that is where I-Moose-and the family need your help. We were told the way to fight this is to write letters. Write about all the reasons she SHOULD NOT GET PTI! Write what is in your heart, what you are mad about, what she did and should have done considering she was "In the business". Write how she knew from the night he went missing he was ours and we were looking for him. She was tryng to make money on him. If you were a neighbor we need your letters telling what you saw..dogs in the cages in the yard. How she treated her dogs, left them in the car. I could go on and on. Please, I know everyone has been great helping us look for him and supporting us through this ordeal and I hope you continue to see this through..the courts were very impressed with all the support we have and they think Moose's Law is a wonderful thing to do. But in the end they said we need to write letters..Send them to me 15 N. Chester Ave. Delran, NJ 08075. Please feel free to ask questions. Lets get this done!!!!

Website for PTI in New Jersey


Good morning everyone. I am going to take the letters I have received to the courthouse on Tuesday morning. If you still would like to write a letter opposing PTI for Jackie Lockard email it to me or drop it off in my mailbox. I would like to thank everyone for the letters I have received so far. It has been a tough week reading them. Some I haven't opened yet. My address is 15 N. Chester Ave. Delran, 08075. I will keep you posted of any decision the courts make. Moose and the Workman Family thank you.
Update...getting everything ready and taking all the letters and statements to the county in the morning. I want to thank everyone for their letters. If you still want to send something I will be making another trip by the end of the week. Thanks again for your support.

4.) A3303 “Moose’s Law”

Moose’s Law would prohibit animal cruelty violators from owning domestic companion animals and from working at animal-related enterprises. Sissy Workman of Delran came to see me after her neighbor was charged with animal cruelty related to the kidnapping and death of her dog Moose. Together we came up with the basis for this proposal to help prevent future animal cruelty offenses. This bill will also create a public list where registered animal cruelty offenders will be on display so employers and pet owners can make informed decisions about whom they allow to care for their animals.

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